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About us

Lilla Landet runs Self-Service stores with a focus on the goods you need in your everyday life. With a personal sortiment and long opening hours, we simplify everyday life for you as a customer. With the help of our smooth shopping, you can shop what you need, quickly and easily.

Our vision is that Lilla Landet should be your Personal Self-Servicestore and be available where you need it, when you need it.


At Lilla Landet, we work with personal assortments that are adapted to your specific needs. We adapt the assortment per store based on members’ wishes, to suit your needs.  A selection of categories from our range can be found below:

We work with:

How it works

Log in with Bank ID

Pick the items you need

Pay at check-out station

If you do not have a Mobile Bank ID, you can apply for a Membership Card to enter Lilla Landet. You do this under ”Become a Member”

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The benefits of becoming a member are several. Longer opening hours, better offers and greater impact on our assortment.

Find our shops

Lilla Landet is growing! Below you will find our stores

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